Bronco Inn

Bronco Inn
8714 E Sprague
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Reviewed: November 14, 2009
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The Bronco Inn is a hole-in-the-wall on East Sprague located next to the Déjà vu.  The first thing you ask yourself upon walking up to the front door is, “Is this place even open?”  The Bronco is, in fact, open relatively late on any given night, but in what appears to be an effort to ” go green ” has the only light illuminating the bar from various neon beer signs and promotional beer lights.  You’ll be hard pressed to find any permanent light fixtures emitting light in here, but I’m not sure you would want to see this bar in good light.

At one time the Bronco was a hot spot for Spokane Blues lovers.  The evidence of this decorates the east wall back by the stage area.  Autographed photos and promotional blues posters from the Bronco’s glory days plaster this wall.  The only blues you hear now in there will be 20 minutes of Stevie Ray Vaughn songs playing through the jukebox (which is only a quarter a song, heavy on the blues and other oldies).  The stage area and dance floor are now taken up with pool tables and what looks like the front yard in a trailer park.  An old fridge, ripped up booths, chairs and other junk piled around the stage.


The Bronco’s latest claim to fame (mid to late 90’s) is their city pool team.  The trophy case is full of city league trophies and the crown jewel is the city of Spokane Pool League championship banners from 1994 and 1995.  This appears to be the last time any sort of update was done to the decorating motif in here.  Miller Ice Lite, Molson and early Nascar posters decorate the rest of the interior.  If you need a pack of smokes look no farther than the cigarette machine located across from the jukebox.  Holding the cigarette machine level is a mid-90’s Bloomsday results pamphlet.  Several non-working TV’s are distributed along the bar in the west side of the building, more so than the TV’s that will surely be tuned to Saturday Night Live if you happen to go in on a Saturday.

The men’s room is in a league of it’s own.  Wood paneling opens up to a cramped trough, with a ceiling that is six feet on a good day.  When you go to wash your hands be careful of the sinkhole in the linoleum directly in front to the sink.

We have been to the Bronco on two separate occasions and both times we were the rush of business.  You can expect maybe one or two other patrons in the bar if you decide to hit up this place for a cheap beer.  The taps are limited, with what you would expect: Kokanee, Bud, Bud Light, Miller, etc.  The can selection is also a little slim ( the cooler has been has been pretty empty on both visits ) but you can get your tall boys of Busch, High Life or if you want to get a little crazy they do have $2.50 bottles of Rolling Rock.  They also have hard liquor and a kitchen here, but we stuck to beer on both visits.

This is one dive in Spokane that you don’t want to miss.  Although there are few other people in the bar, the proof of the day’s business litters the tables through out the bar ( another effort to ” go gree ” or be more effcient by only clearing the tables once a day at 2am? ).  Find a clean table, soak up the blues coming from the speakers, and by all means make sure to check out the bathrooms.  The bartender here is friendly, and of course you’ll have no wait to order whatever it is that you happen to be drinking that night.

Rating 3  pints out of 4

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