2401 E Sprague
Spokane, WA 99202
Reviewed: January 14, 2010
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People often tell us here at Spokane Dive Bars, that…yeah your reviews are nice and all, but I’m really looking for a place where I can feel REALLY uncomfortable. A place where, within 24 hours of my visit, someone has either been shot or brutally beaten within an inch of their life within 100 yards of where I’m drinking my adult beverage! Well friends like me just say that The Flame (the artist formally known as The Red Fox) meets that very requirement. Lets go a little more in depth of the level of uncomfortableness that this place gives to its not regular patrons.

Now lets say hypothetically, you are a Caucasian male, with no priors (arson, attempted robbery, etc.), at least a high school diploma, and you don’t rely heavily on Spokane Transit to get you from Point A to Point B. Then you, like us, at Spokane Dive Bars do NOT belong at The Flame. This will become more apparent to you as you enter the bar. The analogy of sticking out like a “sore thumb” is very much in play at this particular establishment. The bartender you will most likely encounter will have acrylic nails, and will be chomping on a stick of gum like it’s cud. The bartender will then let you look at the very limited and ALMOST non existent beer selection. They have two beers on tap, and if they have a bottle or can selection, they certainly don’t have it on display. The liquor selection however is on full display. And the majority of it is the bottom of the barrel. An Evan Williams & Coke anyone?? The only plus to the bottom rung selection is that drinks are cheap. A Rum & Coke…only $2.50! For something that tasted like PURE gasoline not too shabby.

To be a fly on the wall here (amongst the few hundred that are already present) is to behold the ultimate display of stereotype perpetuation. The women here are HUGE. Some in the form of a Linebacker, well others….not so much? I must have missed that memo that all women are supposed to wear over sized poofy coats as well. Two other stereotypes are also in full effect. The first being the African-American man with the white girlfriend. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! And second the “baby mama drama”. Here’s a typical conversation you might here at The Flame in relation to that:

White Ghetto Girl # 1: Hey girl! Yo man be outside!

White Ghetto Girl # 2: Nuh -uh. He say he be stayin’ at home wif da kids!

White Ghetto Girl # 1: Well I juss saw his ass outside talkin’ to some ho!

White Ghetto Girl # 2: That ^%^@*@##$##. I’m gonna kick the living #%@! out of his $%$^*@!$% and then imma slap da #%^ outta that ho’s mouf’!!


Ahh, if that doesn’t define class. I don’t know what does.

The Flame belongs is not, I repeat, is not, a must see dive. Avoid at all costs. Unless you are a bartender looking for work, they are apparently always looking. Don’t really know if its a high turn over rate, or if bartenders are just constantly being shot. Either way we at Spokane Dive Bars didn’t want to stay long around long enough to find out.

Rating: 1 Pint out of 4