One Bridge North

1817 N Division
Spokane, WA 99207
Reviewed: June 16, 2010
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Here at Spokane Dive Bars there are definitely dives we LOVE and dives we LOATH.  Seemingly the dives that provide us with the most terrifying and disgusting elements/surprises are the easiest reviews to compose.  We however do have our favs, and the reluctance to review our favorite dives stems from not wanting to leave anyone or anything out.  This explains our delay of having the One Bridge North review ready for all of our loyal followers.  Its almost too welcoming to be considered a dive!  Had One Bridge’s owner, Bob, not proclaimed it himself, a dive, then we probably would not have included it amongst our reviews.  In short we are HUGE fans of One Bridge North and here’s why……

One Bridge North’s parking lot, is pothole filled is has more gravel then you can shake a stick at.  However do not let this stop you from stopping in.  If you are even somewhat apprehensive about the area where OBN lies, the parking has security cameras watching your car and the hoodlums (GU students) that might attempt to tamper with your vehicle.

You can enter ONB on either the Division St. entrance or in the parking lot entrance that throws you right into the massive pool table area.  One Bridge is proud of its status as a hotbed for Spokane’s ultra competitive pool and dart leagues.  If you’ve managed to find a seat there’s a 99.5% chance that either Natalie (our front-runner for dive bartender of the year for 2010) or Bob (our front runner for best dive bar owner 2010) will not only greet you/ask you what you want, hell they might just sit down and chat with you. We at this site definitely appreciate that welcoming “getting to know your customers” experience.

Now what differentiates One Bridge from every other dive isn’t the pool tables, dart leagues, NASCAR arcades games, security cameras, or large mirror that angles above the bar.  The first thing is if you become enough of a regular they will take requests!  What requests you ask?  Say that you just have a craving for a cold 16oz can of Rainier on your first stop at One Bridge, however that week they don’t happen to have it.  The bartender on staff or Bob will take your request, and there definitely is a good chance that they will have that can waiting for you on your next visit.  As they did when we made that very same request.

Secondly would be the food, specifically the AMAZING  and humongous Calzones.  While the calzones appear to be the size of your head, the price is definitely right with the inclusion of three toppings at only $7.50,  And believe us you may not need to ear for the next 24 hours after devouring one of these things!

One final reason we love One Bridge is that they have always treated us with class and with open arms.  It started with our first All Day Dive this past February and has continued with us being mentioned on their billboard for over a month.  Without even requesting it, they decided to help out our small little website and we definitely can’t thank them enough.  It was a gesture that definitely helped us out.  With this review we can only hope it helps them out.  (as if they need it)

 So please visit Bob, Natalie, and all the other fine folks at One Bridge North.  They’ll treat ya right!

Rating: 4  pints out of 4