Shanty Bar

4711 W Ferrel Street
Coeur D’Alene, ID 83814
Reviewed: February 22, 2010
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If you want hilarity mixed with a little horror, take the post falls exit off I-90, take a left and go about 2 miles west on Seltice Way and although it may seem to be in the middle of nowhere, on the right hand side next to a 400 sq foot bungalow will lie The Shanty Bar. You can tell immediately that you have arrived at the correct place due to the fact that you are now parked in a gravel lot and the billboard will have about 12 misspellings and or missing/barely hanging letters. This is North Idaho at its finest.

On this particular visit to the Shanty, we should have foreshadowed what was ahead of us. The second we walked through the door a group of about 8 people walked out, all pissed and complaining that they had been cut off. Good introduction to any bar right? As expected with that group leaving the place was now completely empty except for one intoxicated broad at the far end of the bar wondering when her man was coming to pick her up. A place being dead however has never deterred us from staying, and luckily the bartender told us that no matter what she had to stay open until 2am, so we sat at the bar and ordered two cans of Icehouse that cost us a grand total of $3.

The Shanty seems extremely large when empty, including a huge set up for Karaoke and no shortage of beer and country music memorabilia to take a stroll around the joint and look at. The best beer sign of note was a cool little lite brite-ish sign that when the mini lights formed into a constellation into the night time background formed the word “Hamms”. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it. On that note if you appear to be hungry when arriving at the Shanty, may we suggest purchasing a bag of the microwaveable pork rinds? The heart attack that awaits you after consuming those will always bring you back to the fine time(s) you had at the Shanty.

Now the next bit of information and the image included may want to be avoided, but because we at SDB examine all aspects of dive bars… the bathrooms like always have to be reviewed. With this warning I proclaim … The Shanty bar has the most horrific, disgusting, vomit inducing men’s bathroom of any dive bar we have ever been too! This is not open for discussion, debate or otherwise. I nearly called in the priest from “The Exorcist” to shout “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!” Ahhhhh! If you feel that the following image of……. whatever that is in this toilet ( I swear there’s a cigarette butt in there ), then yes I have saved so that I could show you fine folks… is not the most revolting thing you have ever seen, then something is seriously wrong with you, and you need to seek help!

Hoping that you haven’t jabbed your eyes out with a fork, the odds are that your experience at the Shanty, will hopefully differ from ours. Also for you smokers out there… this is Idaho… so you can smoke em’ if you got em’ inside the Shanty. And if for whatever reason you just are finding it way too difficult to find an ashtray anywhere in the building, just go ahead and throw it on top on a pile of puke inside the men’s room toilet! Oh and of course don’t even bother flushing…..THANKS!

Rating: 1 out of 4 Pints